Sunday, 1 July 2018

3 Psychological Tactics to Make Girls Like You

One of the most frequent questions most guys out there tend to have is how can they make a girl like them?

How can they make that great long lasting impression which would make the girl think about them all the time? A lot of guys out there struggle in this area and often blame it on their looks which really doesn't count that much to women. You see it's not really about your looks but how good you are at pressing the female buttons. Read on to discover some of the most effective psychological tricks which would make any girl like you within seconds.....

Talk more to her friends then to her

 If she is your target girl then more sure that you talk more to her friends then her. Doing this would make her feel jealous a bit and at the same time she would try hard to join into the conversation because she is just not able to get your attention that easily anymore.

Let her know that you have noticed something interesting about her but can't say it

 This trick seems to work all the time and it would get any girl almost crazy thinking about you. This works because it tends to raise her levels of curiosity where she wants to know what you really wanted to tell her and what's really stopping you at the same time. Her interest levels in you will always be high as long as she doesn't know what you were about to tell her.

Don't be outcome dependent

Forget that you even want to be with this girl rather be around this girl and at the same time talk about other girls. This would make her think why she didn't really appeal that much to you due to which you are talking about other girls around her. She would instantly start seeking your attention after this.

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