Monday, 2 September 2013

How to make a women addicted to you?

How to make a women addicted to you?

How do you make a girl addicted to you? Well, don't give her what she wants, give her what she needs. Learn to give her pleasure in small doses, and always leave her wanting more.
Here are some ideas I want you to think about..

First, sex is addictive

Sex is addictive. During sexual intercourse people experience the same rush they experience while using some drugs. Most guys are bad in bed. If you learn to stand out, and give the pleasure to women they have never experienced, they will definitely become addicted to you.

Any guy can improve his game in bed. You don't need any type of super-human stamina or physical attributes to be a sex god. You only need to learn how to press the right buttons in the right way. The best advice I can give you to improve your sex-game fast is to pace yourself. Take your time. Remember, guys are like light bulbs, and females are like irons, they need more time to heat up. And, of course, learn everything you can about oral sex. This is the secret weapon that will give you the edge you have been looking for.

Create sexual tension

You can create chemical and physical reactions in females even before you have sexual intercourse with them. How? By creating sexual tension. Use the power of touch and sight to make her develop strong feelings for you. Research has demonstrated that by looking directly into females eyes you will create chemical responses in her body that will make her believe that she is in love with you. And second, remember, if you want to create sexual tension, with a girl, you need to touch her.

Use absence to increase desire

When I say give females small doses of pleasure, I don't mean 15 minutes. I mean give her as much pleasure as you can and then give her some space, so she can miss you. Learn to use absence in an effective way and she will become obsessed with you. The important thing to remember is that you need to make your presence matter, so your absence will matter too.To resume, how do you make a girl addicted to you? Stand out; learn how to create chemical and physical responses in her body that will make her subconsciously relate your company with pleasure. Become the drug she wants and needs.

Author: Luigi Carucci
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  1. thx my girlfriend is obsessed with me because of the stuff I learnt here.

  2. I have this women that is obsessed with me, she would literally suck me off and train my balls once a day before work and before bed!