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How to make a girl kiss you?

How to make a girl kiss you?

How do you make a girl wan to kiss you? First, you need to make her feel comfortable around you. And second, you need to create sexual tension with her. I want to share some secrets that will make that first kiss a pleasurable moment.

Vibe and rhythm

In the seduction arena everything is about vibe and rhythm. If you want females to think of you as a possible sexual partner you need to display the right attributes and send the right messages.
Move slowly, with confidence. Speak slowly with a warm and seductive tone. Feel like a sensual guy so you can display the right type of attributes, through your body language. Remember, your body language is affected by your feelings and beliefs.

Create comfort and sexual tension

Many guys make the mistake of going for the kiss before they have touched a girl. Through touch you will be able to read a girl. You will notice if she feels comfortable around you, and if she is attracted to you.

Touching a girl will also create the sexual tension needed to make her want to kiss you.
Without previous touching, even if she doesn't reject you, the impact of the kiss will decrease significantly. On the other hand, if you kiss her after touch, she will be sexually aroused and the results will be more than positive.

The power of your eyes

Look at a girl directly into her eyes and she will experience some reactions in her body that will make her believe that she is already in love with you. If she looks at your mouth when she breaks eye contact, she is inviting you to kiss her. As a general rule, I never go for the kiss. I invite her back by observing her mouth and then I lean forward 90% of the way, and let her take that other 10%.

Don't rush things

For females the first kiss is a special thing. It helps them decide if a guy is boyfriend material or not, so they take their time.They will see everything through the lens of that first kiss, so you better make it a good one.Don't rush things. Learn to read women to know when they are ready to be kissed, and if they are not, keep building comfort and sexual tension.

If you kiss a girl in the right moment and in the right way she will become addicted to your lips

Author: Luigi Carucci
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  1. A good way is to hold her from behind and kiss her neck. If she likes you she will arch her back into you making inviting you to kiss her more