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How to attract women with body language? - Part 2

How to attract women with body language? - Part 2

I want to share some essential body language secrets that will help you attract women. The secrets I am going to share don't require any hard work. Just apply the advice I share, and enjoy the results. It's fast and easy.


Use a fine fragrance. Females' sense of smell is connected with their limbic brain. In other words, your scent can either help you turn women on, or it can scare them away.
Using a fine fragrance is just another way to stand out. Use the power of scent to make women perceive you as a male with status, power, and confidence.
Believe it or not, a nice fragrance will also have an impact on your emotions. According to Psychologist Rachel Herz: "Our sense of smell is integrally tied to our emotions, our memories, our behaviors." That means that you can improve your mood by finding the right fragrance.
Remember, your body language is a reflection of your feelings and believes. So, a positive shift in your mood will help your body language send the right signals.

Dress to impress

Just like with scent, making an effort to dress well will change your feelings and, as a result, the signals that you send through body language. This is a fast and easy way to change how the world perceives you, and how they react to your messages.

If you dress like an average guy, people will perceive you as an average guy. So, you need to create a personal style that helps you stand out. But, you need to do it wisely, in a classy way. Don't try to dress different just because you want to stand out.

Decide what are the qualities that you want to display, and look for a style that will help you send those messages. An easy place to start is to find a male that display the attributes that you want to have, and to copy his style. But, be careful to look for a male with your same, or similar, physical features or his style may not work for you.

Body language is a communication channel that allows you to send messages non-verbally. Mainly through body postures and facial gestures, but you need to be aware that there are some other elements that complement those messages, like clothes and smell.
Just by looking, and smelling, like a powerful man females will perceive you as a male of value. Not to mention the boost that your feelings will receive. And remember, your body language messages are affected by your feelings.

Author Luigi Carucci
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  1. I find if a women is attracted to me she will display signals.

    I was one this one date where she would brush up against me.