Monday, 2 September 2013

3 tips to attract hot women

3 tips to attract hot women

Yes, you can attract women naturally. When I say naturally I mean effortlessly. You will feel almost as if you are doing nothing. I want to share 3 sure-fire strategies that will help you attract women without saying a word.

#1. - Smile and look her straight in the eyes

Smiling is the best icebreaker. When you smile to women you are saying a lot of things about yourself without saying a word. First, you are saying that you are a friendly and approachable guy. Second, you are displaying confidence and you are saying that you are comfortable on your own skin.
Research has demonstrated that looking straight into female's eyes will produce some chemical and physical reactions in their bodies that will make them believe that they have feelings for you. If you develop a warm gaze and combine it with a friendly smile no girl will be able to resist you.

#2. - The secret of attraction: touching

Unless you are able to create sexual tension with females you will never leave the friend zone. Touching women will create sexual tension, and will help them feel comfortable around you.
Remember, you need to keep a playful attitude at all times. If you are tense or anxious you will transmit that feeling to females, through touch, and it will make them feel uncomfortable. Relax and start testing the waters in subtle ways. Watch her reactions and respond accordingly, by increasing or decreasing the touching. Never force or rush things.

#3. - Open, Face, and Nod

You need to learn how to use your body language effectively. To attract women you need to use positive body language signals. First, open your body, that means don't cross your legs and arms; stand tall. This will display and inviting attitude and women will subconsciously assume that you are a friendly guy.Second, face your prospect to show approval. As a general rule, people feel attracted to people who like them. Facing females is a positive body language signal that will let them know that you are interested in a subtle way.

Finally, nodding. When you are talking to a girl nod in approval of what she is saying. This simple act will reinforce her confidence and make her feel comfortable while interacting with you. You don't need to say anything just listen and nod, letting her know that you are paying attention.
These are simple principle that will help you attract women naturally. Remember, never force things learn to read women and go with the flow.
Author: Luigi Carucci
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  1. The touching part is so true. I always touch girls on dates and if they let me or touch me back I know their interested sexually!