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Analysing Day Game in PUA

Analysing Day Game in PUA

 Day Game PUA – pick up an artist during daytime Do you know meeting women and talking with them easily in day time? Yes, day game PUA is the one in which helps in achieving these. Most of the men around the find this day game PUA as a best choice in choosing women for their life, later it will turns as girlfriend. It is good to find the girl during day time to talk, instead of talking them in the heavy sound party hall and bars.

There are number of chances for you to find cute girl while you have walk in your local streets. It's is now easy to meeting these women without any fear and getting their number to establish your relationship.

There are few common mistakes while you had a talk with the women for dating. When you get training from proper boot camp training, then it will be easy to know them. It is really hard for the opener in PUA to talk with women, because of their fear and probably they may not aware about their own style in approaching the women. Some women feel shy if you had talk with them directly and some women will love to communicate with the men, therefore it turns to be a hard part in understanding the girls in PUA.

As a pickup artist or one who has attended a PUA Boot camp training, you will realize that there are some common mistakes that men will do that will make it difficult to be able to have a PUA opener.
Major mistake in PUA

You might not know your target- this is one of the common mistakes that everyone have in PUA. Every people differ from place to place, probably from city to city. You need to understand their culture and how they behave when they are out of their home. It is always better to go with good look with smart eye contact to pick up an artist.

Styles they have in their locality- Mostly you may have chance of traveling from place to place, you can find different people there with different styles, make sure that you need to apt with their style to get good experiences.

Targeting in single direction - In this PUA you need to be flexible to pick up girl to date, if you concentrate more on sticky targets which means that focusing for only one girl.

Avoid over drinking- If you have a habit of over drinking alcohol then it is really hard to Pick up an artist, though you got them for dating, they couldn't stay longer with you.

By avoid these common mistakes on day game PUA, one can get nice girl with long life relationship.

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