Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Alpha Male Personality and Attract The Woman!

Exude An Alpha Male Personality and Attract The Woman of your Dreams

One of the best ways to draw a woman's attention to you is to exude that alpha male personality that is actually innate in you. Should a man be someone who appears superior in terms of appearance and temperament, then he is definitely an alpha male.

As the alpha males are deemed the superior ones, they usually have a tendency of leading a pack, because of this women are attracted to their sense of superiority and leadership which sets them apart everyone else.

In order to attract women as an alpha male, you must follow the guidelines set forth below:
  1. Effectively sending out mixed signals to a woman you are attracted to is helpful since it allows her emotions to be more involved in the scenario, particularly if you are getting closer to her friends and not her directly.
  2. Telling interesting and funny stories can surely go along way, especially for a woman whom you just met and who you wish to know better.
  3. When hanging out in a bar, make yourself visible to a woman you fancy and make sure you appear inviting, and throw some secret glances her way to catch her attention.
  4. As you start a conversation with a lady, tell her how good she looks, or how nice she smells, and exactly how pretty she wore that particular dress. Flattery goes a long way, and it is a simple way of seduction and leaving her things to think about as the two of you parts ways.
  5. Bringing the woman of your dreams to posh places and showering her with luxurious gifts is a great way to make her feel important and cared for. This way you let her relish the feeling of being secured, pampered, and loved by you in a way that only you can do.
  6. Make a big and lasting impression during your initial meet-up with the woman of your dreams. As first impressions last, make sure yours is a very good one that will be difficult for her to forget, one that she'll be sure to commit to memory for eternity.
  7. Be mysterious. Leaving a trace of mystery to women you come in contact with is a good mark of an alpha male. By being mysterious, women will want to know you more, learn about who you really are, and eventually unravel that mystery. The air of mystery adds to the suspense and thrill of any get-to-know-you phase of any relationship, so be sure you maintain yours.
  8. Never reveal your true emotions whenever you are with a woman. If you show any hint of weakness, women will shun away from you, your vulnerability will definitely be a complete turn off.

This alpha male personality is not only great for picking up women or attracting a life-time partner, if followed correctly you can also attract fame, wealth, and good vibrations into your life with it.

Author: Michael Rubin
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