Saturday, 1 September 2018

How Not to Lose Your Ex Girlfriend

This is one mistake which is very common among most people out there. There are certain things people tend to do over and over again after the breakup due to which they cut their own leg and totally ruin their own chances of ever seeing their ex again.

The reason why most people do this is because they are going through such strong emotions that they just can't control themselves. Read on to discover what this mistake is and why you should never make it at any cost..... Calling your ex right away Yes!

This is the single most biggest mistake which would make you lose your ex forever. It is very important to follow the no contact policy and not to contact your ex at all right after the breakup no matter how painful it might be to you. The more control your have over yourself the better your results would be.

 You might add fuel to fire Your ex might be in a very agitated state right after the breakup and calling them right away would only worsen their condition due to which they might try to avoid you even more than before now. Not only this calling them right away would make your value fall several levels due to which your ex might even lose all respect for you.

 Why would your ex want you if you are around all the time? Humans don't tend to desire the things they can easily have. They rather tend to work hard towards getting the things which aren't too easy to have therefore as long as you hang around your ex will always try to avoid you but the moment your ex realises that you really aren't into him/her that much they would start desiring you once again.

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